Traveling With Dogs In Car Long Distance? Keep These 7 Tips In Mind!

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Traveling with dogs in car long distance can be an exciting experience.

However, it’s important to remember that your pet is still a living creature who needs your care and attention. If you want to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safely and soundly, here are seven tips for traveling safely with your dog.

Tips For Traveling With Dogs In Car Long Distance

Tips For Traveling In A Car With Your Dog

Limit the time you’re in the car

The best way to ensure that your dog stays safe in the car is to limit the time you’re in it. Even if you’re driving a short distance, consider taking breaks every hour or two.

Your dog will enjoy getting out and stretching his legs, which will help him stay calm while he waits for his next adventure!

Bring along the right pet travel accessories

If you’re taking your dog on a car trip, it’s crucial to have all of the right pet travel accessories.

Your dog will be much more comfortable and safe if they have a secure place to lie down and get some rest on long rides, so make sure you’re bringing along a travel crate.

We also recommend bringing along water bowls that attach easily inside the crate so your pup won’t feel thirsty during their travels.

Give your pet a chance to stretch out

Dogs are naturally active and need plenty of room to play and run. If you plan traveling in a car with your dog, ensure they have enough room to move freely without being confined inside a crate or another enclosure.

It’s also helpful if they have ample space to lie down, rest their heads on something soft like a pillow or towel (or even their favorite toy), and stretch their legs while traveling.

Don’t feed them right before you go

Many people mistake feeding their dog right before leaving the house, but this can be a recipe for disaster if your pup gets car sick.

Feeding your dog shortly before a trip may result in an upset stomach and nausea—not ideal traveling companions! If possible, wait at least an hour after eating before taking off so that the food has enough time to digest and won’t cause any issues when driving.

Keep pets in proper travel crates

When traveling with dogs in car long distance, you want to ensure your pet is in the safest place possible. Keep your pet in a crate. A crate is an excellent way to stay put and not get distracted while riding in the car.

Plan ahead to rest, eat, and potty

Before you hit the road with your pup, ensure they have had plenty of time to rest beforehand.

Dogs need at least 13 hours of sleep per day and can quickly become restless if not given enough time for naps at night before a trip. If your pet has been cooped up all night, they may be too hyperactive to sit still in the car by morning.

Try not to leave your dog alone in the car

As a dog owner, you probably know that leaving your pup alone in the car can be dangerous. It’s important to remember that extreme heat can be just as bad for dogs as it is for humans.

So don’t leave your puppy unattended in the car during warm weather—even if you’re only going to be gone for a few minutes!


The more you can do to make your dog comfortable, the better.

If they’re nervous or uncomfortable in a car, they may bark and whine or create other problems that could get you pulled over by police or cited for animal cruelty. And remember, any time spent in the car is time not spent with your pet outside!

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