Keep The Dog’s Teeth Strong And Clean With Dog Chews

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Dogs love to chew on things. It is something equally important for their physical, mental, and oral health. Chewing helps keep the dog’s teeth free from plaque and keeps the gum strong and clean.

Furthermore, chewing can help your dog condition his neck and jaw, making the muscles there stronger – enhancing his ability to endure and catch prey more efficiently.

On the other hand, dog chews can also become his primary activity to exercise his lower body and pass the time whenever he feels bored or uninterested in other things.

While keeping your pooch mentally and physically stimulate is a good thing and can promote his health in the long run, it is also important to understand that dogs have a nasty habit of chewing and swallowing just about anything that fits inside their mouths.

Sure, it is frustrating when your dog keeps on stealing your wallet and using it as a rag doll, but it can be dangerous for the pooch if he somehow swallows its whole. The same goes for a variety of other household objects.

Moreover, if your dog chews the wrong object or a sharp object, he could potentially injure himself, break a tooth or swallow and choke on the object or even become ill due to an allergic reaction. There are a variety health related complications your dog can suffer if he chews on a dirty object.

Some dogs end up developing stomach conditions while others suffer from skin disorders. The point is, you have to be careful no matter what, which is primarily why you should opt for natural dog chews.

The Benefits of Chew Toys For Dogs

dog chew toy

Chew toys are designed to enhance your dog’s oral hygiene, steering him clear of different oral diseases and discomfort. In light of this, mentioned below are some really interesting benefits of these types of chew toys for all dog breeds.

Prevent The Development of Periodontal Disease

A staggering number of dogs that grow past the age of 3 are highly susceptible to developing periodontal disease. Dogs that don’t have coarse and safe chew toys stand a high chance of gum disease, which could lead to numerous other problems.

The disease is primarily caused by plaque. All the food your dog eats ends up sticking in his teeth, and if not cleaned can lead to calculus or tartar generation, which gradually leads to periodontal disease.

Helps Eliminate The Chances of Developing Halitosis

Rawhide dog chews are designed to be tough and coarse. They help to effectively clear out bacterial deposits inside his mouth as a result of the food sticking in his teeth. If not removed, an unclean mouth can lead to the development of halitosis (bad breath).

They Minimize Aggressive Chewing Behavior

Antler dog chews can help reduce your dog’s aggressive chewing habits. Deer antler chew toys are hard, sturdy, and full of nutrients and minerals, which can significantly enhance your pooch’s physical and mental health.

You see, dogs are a bit curious by nature as well, and they show this curiosity through chewing, and with time this can become a nasty habit and you might see your curtains being ripped and your upholstery damaged. Powerful dogs have stronger chewing force, which means you’re in for some trouble.

Giving them a dental chew toy or a deer antler can keep them busy for an hour before becoming exhausted and sleeps. Plus, dog chews provide a lot of stimulation for dogs. This means they will pass the time chewing, keeping themselves happy, away from obesity, and won’t develop aggressive barking.

Good For Teething Puppies

Best dog chews can also be beneficial for puppies that are teething. Growing canines can exert a lot of pressure on the gums of the little guy, which leads to heightened discomfort and pain. Dog chews can help puppies relieve that pain, exercising their jaws, and promoting healthier teeth growth.

Chews Toys Can Give Your Dog Whiter Teeth

Giving your dog dental chews to play with also ensure they have whiter teeth. That is primarily because of the fact that they help clear all the plaque deposited, which also leaves a dark yellowish tinge on the teeth. By chewing on these products your dog can have a brighter and cuter smile.

Choosing The Best Dog Chews

best dog chews

There is simply a variety of dog chew toys that you can select from. However, as a responsible dog owner, your priority should be to keep your dog healthy and happy at the same time. Mentioned below are some tips for selecting the right product.

Stay Away from Plastic

A majority of chew toys are made from PVC, which is short for polyvinyl chloride, and though the material is quite effective for aggressive chewers, the fact of the matter is the chemicals these products are made from can considerably harm your dog.

PVC toys are quite chewy, and phthalates is a substance that makes them so chewy, however, excessive chewing can quickly break chemical compounds of the toy down, releasing toxins, which could damage your dog’s liver and kidneys.

The best thing you can get your dog is a pair of deer antlers processed and designed for dog chewing. Apart from being 100% natural, deer or elk antlers burst with minerals and nutrients.

Be Careful When Selecting Rawhides

Although rawhides make a good choice, you have to be careful to select top-quality products, which aren’t put through chemical processing. Low-quality products are manufactured using bleach, which can be dangerous for the dog.

Plus, you should also be wary of fresh bones on the rawhide, which can cause internal damage. The bones can also damage your dog’s teeth, not to mention the fact that if the bones contain marrow in them and if your dog consistently licks the marrow, he can develop pancreatitis.

The Bottom Line

So now that you know how absolutely beneficial it is to provide your pooch with the best chew toys, don’t hesitate to get him a 100% natural and nutrient-packed chew toy to keep him healthy and happy.


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