Natural Deer Antler Dog Treats For Healthy And Happy Pooch

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Chewing is something that comes naturally to dogs; it is something that they just do. However, it is important to understand that chewing can build strong neck and jaw muscles in your dog, something which all predators require to catch and destroy their prey.

Moreover, bone chewing also helps keep your dog’s teeth strong and free of plaque, keeps the gums healthy and clean, and provides a mental buzz. On top of that, there is nothing better than to kill your dog’s boredom than to give it healthy and natural deer antler dog treats.

Apart from keeping the pooch busy and watching him play with his organic chew toy, it can provide you with a sense of the dog’s well-being, as it is your responsibility to keep your loyal friend healthy and fit at all times.

Plus, most dogs have a real urge to chew than other breeds, and if you own a strong chewer, nothing can be more important than to provide him with a safe and healthy alternative – keeping him away from damaging your curtains or the upholstery.

On the other hand, most dogs seem to lose all interest in chewing bone upon reaching maturity or adulthood, or they simply become increasingly picky about what they chew.

Regardless of what your dog likes to chew and how much he likes to chew, deer antler dog chew can provide him with the recreational hobby he needs.

The Benefits of Getting Natural Elk Antlers For Dogs

Natural Elk Antlers For Dogs

There are plenty of healthy and stimulating benefits of antler chew. In light of this mentioned below are some compelling reasons you should immediately get one for your dog(s).

  1. Deer antler chews are natural, they are processed to be odorless and are made to keep your dog busy playing with his toy whenever he feels bored.
  2. Antler chew lasts quite a long time, especially if you compare them with bully sticks or chew toys manufactured from rawhide or compacted starch.
  3. They are good for dog teeth. Antler bones for dogs are nutrient-packed and can help keep your dog’s oral hygiene in check. These bones can keep your dog’s gum clean and free of plaque.
  4. Antlers can provide your dog with blissful stimulation. Dogs absolutely love to chew, and if you give them a juicy and healthy antler bone, will help your dog pass the time and get energized at the same time.
  5. Deer antler dog chew is made to be safe for chewing, which means it is highly unlikely that they are going to splinter or chip if your dog decided to be rough with them. Compared to processed bones, antlers can be sturdier and harder, however, it is important that you be cautious of powerful chewers.
  6. Deer antlers chew toy dogs is the fact that they leave no residue behind, they are odorless and stain-free. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after your dog gets tired of playing with it.
  7. Deer antler dog treats come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, types, and weights. Plus, they also come in different colors and you can also select from different thickness levels.
  8. These deer antler dog treats are made in the USA and are designed using 100% natural ingredients, no processes or dye is ever used and no animals are hurt in the process.

Chewing Safety For Your Dog

dog chews his antler chew toy

It is essential to monitor the way your dog chews his antler chew toys. You have to keep track of their chewing activities; this is a truism when you talk about powerful and frequent chewers, for example, rottweilers.

When you talk about elk antlers for dogs, the main thing you got to be worried about is choking. If the antler is small in size, be careful your dog doesn’t end up swallowing it, which could lead to a serious problem. So, look for the right deer antler size, and ensure your dog won’t be able to swallow it.

Furthermore, whenever your dog starts to chew the antlers, keep a vigilant eye on him, and look for signs of breakage. If your dog is breaking the antlers and there are small pieces coming off them, immediately discard the pieces and inspect the antlers.

If you see that they’ve lost their structural integrity, discard them and get a new antler chew toy. However, quality antler bones for dogs take a very long time to break.

Although older dogs may have the urge to chew as well, you should understand that their teeth may have become brittle, which comes naturally with aging. So, if your dog is old and wants to chew on deer antlers, get them a softer chew toy.

This will help ensure his teeth do not break. Furthermore, if your dog is a gulper and has had a history of swallowing toys or socks, then it is really important to get him a larger chew toy, which is impossible to swallow.

How to Use Deer Antler Dog Treats

dog with deer antler chew toy

When selecting a deer antler chew toy for your dog, ensure that it is big enough to not be easily swallowed by your dog.

  • Select the best elk antlers because they pack a lot of nutrients and minerals, which can keep your dog fit and energized.
  • Keep an eye on how he chews his toy, if he is an aggressive chewer; inspect the antlers for splinters or chips.
  • After your dog is done chewing on the antlers, take a look at them for any sharp edges, which could potentially harm the animal. If it does, either get rid of the sharp edges or discard the antler.
  • The chew toy is for the dog to play with and be healthy at the same time, it is meant for gnawing, but if you see your dog trying to break by biting it hard, take the toy away from him.
  • Deer antler dog chew is durable, but if they’re being chewed on a daily basis, you will have to look for signs of wear and tear. If the antlers shrink in size, get rid of them.

The Bottom Line

All in all, deer antler dog treats can become an ultimate source of nutrients and vitamins not to mention an excellent product for your dog to chew on, killing his boredom and keeping fit at the same time.


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