Discover the Best Types Of Bulldog Toys And How To Pick The Right One

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Before you bring your new Bulldog puppy home, you’ve probably already researched what kind of leashes you should buy, what kind of dog food is best suited for your pup, and you may have even researched the best names for your puppy.

But, have you researched what kind of bulldog toys you should consider for your puppy?

Or, maybe you are just trying to find new toys that your bulldog may enjoy.

In either case, you’re in the right place because we are going to discuss the four different types of toys you could buy for your beloved bulldog.

Different Types Of Bulldog Toys

What are the types of bulldog toys?

  • Throwables – These are awesome toys that you can play fetch or toss with
  • Chewables – These are great for puppies who are teething or those who have a tendency to chew on things
  • Interactives – These are toys that will keep your puppy entertained when they are alone
  • Comfort – These aren’t necessarily toys, but they are things that will give your Bulldog great comfort

Throwable Bulldog Toys

trowable bulldog toys

If you are looking for great French Bulldog toys, throwable toys are a great option, especially since French Bulldogs are great at playing fetch.

With these toys, you should look for things that are easy to throw, lightweight, and they are small enough for them to fit in their mouth, but large enough that they won’t choke.

If you choose a ball, a 5 to 7” ball is a great option.

A Frisbee is another great option for a throwable Bulldog toy. Remember, if you are going to play fetch with your Frenchie, you don’t want to do it outside or for too long, as your pup could overheat.

Chewable Bulldog Toys

chewable bulldog toys

Chewable toys are ideal items to have when your puppy is going through that chewing stage, which starts as young as four weeks and it lasts until all their adult teeth are in.

Chewing toys are great during this time, but also after they are done teething too.

When you are trying to decide which chewable toy is better, you have the choice of a natural chew toy (rawhide, bones, antlers, and the like) or something synthetic, like a ball, a squeaker toy, or any one of the many oddly shaped critters.

It’s a good idea that you have a natural chew toy to go along with the synthetic because natural chew toys can clean your dog’s teeth better than plastic toys.

Interactive Bulldog Toys

interactive toys for bulldogs

Bulldogs are exceptionally smart dogs, contrary to what some people would lead you to believe.

Why there are some doctors that believe that dogs have impressive intelligence, not unlike our own and that they have thinking skills that are similar to ours?

Ron Miller, a writer at The Dogington Post, talks about a study that shows dogs can learn facial expressions, hand gestures, and many words.

So it makes a lot of sense to incorporate interactive toys into their toy collection. These toys will help keep your dog’s mind sharp.

Interactive toys are great because they keep them thinking by trying to figure out a puzzle and the toy rewards your puppy for being the smart little one that they are!

Comforting Bulldog Toys

comforting bulldog toys

Do you know how comforting it is when you would snuggle up with your favorite blanket or stuffed animal when you were a kid?

That is the same connection that your bulldog can have with these toys. Typically, you will want to go for a stuffed Bulldog toy like a stuffed animal or even a blanket, but some Bulldogs even find comfort in bed or a piece of clothing.

These comforting toys are great to calm them down if they are feeling anxious, they’re bored, or even if they are lonely.

Don’t be surprised if you should come home one day and your puppy is holed up in its crate, cuddling with its favorite comfort toy!

How To Get The Most From Your Bulldog Toys

When you first get your puppy, you aren’t going to have a lot of toys for them. It might even take a while to accumulate a collection of toys for your pup.

However, According to the Humane Society, when you do start to amass a nice collection, it’s a good idea to rotate the toys and leave that one special one out for all the time.

Playing “Hide and Seek” with your Bulldog is a great way to find the toys that weren’t in the rotation. For puppies, it’s like they are finding an amazing treasure and will be so excited when they “find it.”

When it is time to reintroduce the old toys, you can use this method because not only will your little buddy be excited about the hide-and-seek game, but you get to bond more with him too.

Final Word

As you walk into the pet store and browse that aisle that is full of all sorts of incredible toys, resist the urge to get all of one kind of toy, or too many.

Four toys, in general, are a great starting point. The Humane Society suggests that the toys you choose should include: “one toy to carry, one to “kill,” one to roll, and one to “baby.”

We agree, too! Also, you should try to incorporate task-specific toys and play into your puppy’s playtime.

Games like Kong, Frisbee, Hide-and-Seek with a treat or toy, or even a game of fetch, will help them use up all that energy they may have.

These activities can relieve a lot of stress, both yours and your puppy’s!


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