How much do Pitbulls Cost?

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The muscle-bulging build and wide-set jaws of Pitbulls can be intimidating.

If you had the idea that they were dangerous, aggressive, and blood-thirsty, spend some time with a Pittie, and you will be a convert!

Loving, loyal, and protective, Pitbulls make for the best companions. They are excellent family-oriented dogs, although you should never leave them alone with small children. 

Where Should You Buy Your Pitbull?

Where Should You Buy Your Pitbull?

You need to check with the local legislative laws. Some places have imposed a ban on the ownership of Pitbulls.

Also, even if you are allowed to own one, you may have to muzzle your dog when you take them out for a walk. Hospitals may have rules in place that require you to muzzle your Pitbull for a vet visit. Some groomers may also request you to muzzle your dog during an intrusive grooming session.

Before you buy a Pitbull, you should check with your nearby animal shelter and local city halls to be informed of the local laws in force in your neighborhood regarding this particular dog breed.

You can buy your Pitbull with or without papers from:

  • Reputable dog-breeders
  • Adoptions Centers

However, we do not recommend buying a dog without papers.

Reputable Dog-breeders

It is always advisable to buy a dog from reputable dog breeders. Why, you ask? Well, reputable breeders register the dogs they breed. The dogs from these reputable dog breeders usually come with proper paperwork.

Further, they are unlikely to indulge in shady, unlawful, or unethical practices to increase the Pitbull Price. It is also guaranteed that they will take good care of their dogs and test for health and temperament before selling them to potential buyers.

They also take care of the diet and nutrition needs of their dogs. More importantly, they thoroughly review and verify the background of the potential dog owners to ensure that their dog will be a part of a dog-loving family to take good care of their dog.

If you buy from backyard breeders, they may have put the puppy through a puppy mill where the pups are raised in unhealthy conditions in cramped spaces, further reducing the cost and increasing profits.

It leads to physical and mental trauma in dogs. To sell superior breeds or breed Pits with desired traits, they indulge in inbreeding (which is cruel, to say the least). It can lead to severe congenital diseases.

So, you must exercise caution when it comes to purchasing a Pitbull.


Adoption is also a great choice. You can adopt a Pitbull pup or an adult. Adopt from an option center or a rescue center.

If you are zeroing in on an adoption center, choose a certified or reliable option. You can even pick the nearest shelter home or animal hospital. If you are pet-friendly, there can be no more rewarding thing than adopting a dog.

Ensure to get the necessary documentation done in this case. At the very least, you would need health check-ups and medical history reports. It will help you take the best possible care for your dog.

You need proper papers if you are buying a Pitbull for the express purpose of competing in dog competitions. Pits that cost too low or ones you buy from adoption centers often won’t come with the necessary documents. 

Then there are the breeders who will try to sell red-nosed or blue-nosed Pitbull at higher rates. They do it by breeding two directly related Pitbulls to achieve the desirable common traits in the puppies. As we saw before, this is detrimental as it leads to congenital disorders.


Every reliable, reputed, and legitimate breeder or even adoption center should have a license. You should ask to see their license before purchasing a pup. No license? No, buy! That should be a rule of thumb.

A license provides potential dog owners with a form of assurance that the breeder has met the necessary standards for breeding, including breeding conditions, resources, etc.

These licenses and documents might affect the final cost of the Pitbull. A Pitbull that comes with credible documents, particularly those related to its bloodline, costs a lot more.

Apart from breeders’ licenses, you need to have a license for your dog to avoid hefty fines.

A majority of the states issue a standard tag for your pet to wear. If your pooch goes missing, it will be easier to locate him with the help of a proper license and identification. Your dog can be easily identified with the license number.

A license should cost you around $10 to $20, and to get one, you need to have proof of rabies vaccination. Your pup must also be at least four months old to get licensed.

How much do Pitbulls cost?

How much do Pitbulls cost?

Pits with paperwork: More than $1000. Usually $2000 – $20,000

Pits without paper ( from adoption centers) : $100 to $200

Pits from breeding centers: It starts from $800. Anything below, and the chances the Pit has been bred unethically goes up. It may not also belong to a good line.

Pits from reliable and good breeding centers: Starts from $2000. But you can also get good ones in the $800 to $2000 range.

Paperworks are the official document that specifies what pedigree a particular dog has.

Dogs with papers are costly because if the paper shows that it comes from a stud male or a champion dog, the chances that the pup would inherit qualities like good temperament or physical abilities of its parent is higher.

Blue-nose Pitbulls

Blue-nose Pitbulls are Pitbulls having a rare blue-grey hue to their skin, eyes, and nose.

These cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Don’t pay for anything beyond that, as shady breeders may try to lure you with the blue lust.

Red-nose Pitbulls

Red-nose Pitbulls are those whose skin, eyes, nose, and even toenails have an amber tone.

A true red nose pitbull will have a full-on red coat, with a coppery-colored nose to match. A red-nose Pittie from a reputable breeder will not cost less than $1000.

Bully Pitbulls

Bully Pitbull pups are a lot more expensive, ranging from $2000 to $9000. More “bully” ones could cost more.

Razor Edge Pitbulls

Pitbulls under the Razor Edge Bloodline are short, muscular, and specially developed for developing calm, loving, and loyal dogs. It is why they make for super popular pets. They come with the physical attributes of Pitbulls but less game drive and a gentler bloodline. 

Being highly sought-after, they are relatively expensive. You would be hard put to buy one below $1500. The average cost is around $2000 to $2500. The premium pups can fetch as high as $3000. But do not buy it at a cheaper rate; it is fake or a half-breed!

Should you buy Pitbulls without papers?

Should you buy Pitbulls without papers?

Papers are the only way to establish the pedigree of your Pitbull. You Pittie can be purebred, but there is absolutely no evidence of his bloodline, pedigree, or lineage without paper.

When a purebred male and a purebred female become parents to a pup litter, they are registered. The paperwork involves issuing certificates verifying their purebred status.

The parents of the pup litter are listed on the papers as well. It makes it easier for anyone who would want to trace their lineage through a paper trail. 

There are three recognized and reputable organizations for registering a purebred Pitbull pup and getting all the paperwork done. They are:

So, whether you get a Pitbull with or without papers depends on the reasons for buying one in the first place.

If you want one as a pet, there may not be a need for documents. If you adopt a pup from an adoption or rescue center, the chances are that it won’t involve paperwork either.

But if you want to enter your dog in a dog show, he will have to come with all papers and documents intact. Other activities that necessitate paperwork include hunting field events and working dogs. 

Do Pitbulls cost more than other dogs in terms of maintenance?

Do Pitbulls cost more than other dogs in terms of maintenance?

A Pitbull is no more expensive than other dogs when it comes to maintenance. Being a single-coat dog, its grooming expenses are much lesser in comparison.

These are the factors that cost you for taking care of your Pitbull:

1. Training: If not appropriately trained, Pitties can turn aggressive and destructive. If you hire a personal dog trainer’s help, it could cost you up to $100/week. 

2. Food: Feeding a Pitbull incurs a lot of costs.

3. Health: Pitbulls are prone to heart disease, hypothyroidism, hip problems, and allergies. While not very Pit is prone to such health issues, it is good to be prepared. Allergens are the number one issue you should watch out for in your Pitbull pet.

4. Exercise: Pitbulls are super energetic breeds that require plenty of physical activity and exercise of at least an hour every day. If you do not have the time for it, you may have to hire a dog walker. This comes at an additional cost.

5. Grooming: You can groom your Pitbull 2-3 times per week with a soft brush. Alternatively, you can also fix a grooming appointment a couple of times in a month to take care of their coat. Although a Pittie’s skin is short, it can be a little stiff at times. Lack of grooming can result in increased shedding, dander, and even bacterial infections. A grooming session includes hair and nail trim, ear and teeth cleanup, etc.

They also need to be bathed around once a month using a shampoo tailored for dogs.

Final Thoughts

A Pitbull can cost quite a bit in your pocket. But If you decide to buy one, they will repay you with years of love and affection. But be a good dog parent and buy from a reputed adoption center or reputed dog-breeders, get a license, and have all the paperwork intact. 

The cost does not just stop after the initial purchase. You need to invest some more money in maintaining your Pittie with the right nutrition, grooming, training, exercise, and be prepared should any health issue crop up.

Buy a Pitbull only if you are sure you can afford him. After all, it is like taking care of your baby…fur baby, in this case!

Happy Pittie Parenting!

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