How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Have

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Pitbulls are indeed one of the most intelligent and loyal dogs accompanied by guidance and proper training. And it’s no question why more people desire to have them as pets and new family members. 

If you’re considering having your pitbull bred or expecting puppies from your pet, you may wonder how many puppies can a pitbull have. 

Every dog breed is unique, and so are their care needs. Note that there are a couple of things to know when you’re thinking of breeding your pitbull. Aside from that, you also need to do this as a parent to ensure your pet’s safety

This article will help you answer some of the essential questions you need to know as a fur parent of a pregnant pit bull. 

When Can Pitbull Have A Birth

How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Have 1

A female pitbull can start to bear puppies as young as six months old, as long as she reaches her sexual maturity. She will experience her heat cycle every six months, which runs for 14-21 days. 

You can breed your female dog with a male pit bull when she is ready. Note that the more mating sessions, the bigger chance of ensuring that the female dog is impregnated.

The pregnancy will last about nine weeks, between 62 and 65 days. Your dog will enter a nesting season two days before her labor schedule. After such, she will now give birth to cute little puppies. 

How Many Puppies Per Pitbull Mom

How Many Puppies Per Pitbull Mom  

As mentioned earlier, every dog breed is unique. Therefore, their breeding pattern is also different. You might have seen a Mastiff giving birth to 10 puppies.

That’s because dogs in the large group usually give birth to 8-12 puppies. Small breeds like Shih Tzu range from 2-5 puppies. On the other hand, Pitbulls belong to the medium size breeds, which can have 5-8 pups in a litter

However, note that the number of puppies in a litter also depends on different factors, such as:

Age of parents

Pitbulls can start to breed when they’re physically mature. Male Pitbulls can sire a puppy at five months. However, they are fully physically mature at 12- 15 months.

Remember that the older the male dog is, those over six years of age, the lesser the quality of their sperm is. That said, even with a healthy and young female pitbull, older Pitbulls are expected to sire a smaller litter. 

On the other hand, it would be best for a female pitbull to wait until she gets her first heat cycle, which is between one and four years old. Keep note that you should not breed your female above the age of eight as they are already too old to have puppies. 

Health of the mom

When considering breeding your female pitbull, you must ensure that you give him adequate exercise and a couple of visits with the vet before the breeding activity. Doing so will ensure that they are physically ready.

Pitbulls tend to gain weight quickly, especially when you overfeed them. Suppose you have an overweight female pitbull; it would be best to slim her down before breeding. 

Also, Pitbulls are very prone to heart problems. Before breeding, it’s crucial that you take a visit to the vet, have your pet checked, and take all the necessary health tests for approval to breed. 


Breeding dogs from close relatives to achieve or maintain a particular specification, such as the blue nose or black fur, is called line breeding, commonly known as inbreeding.

This method is also identified to be a factor that determines litter size. When a female pitbull is bred with a male pitbull with similar genes, this leads to smaller litter size. 

Breeding time

A female pitbull will have her heat cycle twice a year, which runs for about three weeks. When this happens, you will notice that the vulva is swollen and there’s a liquid discharge.

This also means that this is the best time to breed your dog because the nearer you are to her ovulation period, the more chances of having more puppies. It’d be best to breed her on the 3rd to 6th day of ovulation for a bigger litter size and maximum conception rate.

Will all puppies be healthy

Will all puppies be healthy

As much as you want to ensure that all the puppies in your pitbull’s litter will be healthy, there’s no definite assurance.

Many factors affect a puppy’s health, including the health and age of the parents, genetics, and pregnancy. However, consider the following factors to help you assess if your dog’s puppies are healthy.  

  • All puppies in a litter must have no big difference in size
  • Shiny coat without irritation
  • Eyes and ears are clean and free from discharge
  • Activity level is not lethargic
  • Appetite is good
  • No vomiting and no liquid poops

World record

If you’re wondering what’s the biggest litter size for Pitbulls, it’s a massive litter of 20 puppies.

Dixie, an American Pitbull, gave birth to 10 lovely female and 10 adorable male pups in May of 2009 at the age of one-year-old and four months. Indeed, what an enormous surprise!


If you’re considering breeding your female pitbull, it’s best to always keep note of the factors affecting the litter size and health. 

Most Pitbulls bear five puppies in a litter, but some could produce anywhere between one to ten. Remember that the parents’ health, age, breeding time, and inbreeding could affect a litter’s size and health. 

Therefore, it’s always best to seek professional help before breeding. Your pitbull should also undergo some tests before mating. Doing so will ensure a successful pregnancy and healthy puppies. 

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