Beginner’s Guide To Dog Strollers

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Dog strollers can be a convenient option for a lot of situations.

If you think you have no need for a dog stroller, you might be surprised to see just how helpful it can be. In this article, we’ll quickly go over a few of the top reasons to get a dog stroller and then give you some tips for how to find the best dog strollers.

The Benefits Of Using A Dog Strollers

Small Dog In A Stroller

There are a lot of reasons that dog owners choose to get a stroller for their dog.

Here are three of the biggest reasons you might consider:

Easier Traveling For Sick, Elderly, and Our Newborn

If you’ve got a full litter of brand new pups, transporting them all at once can be difficult. With a stroller, you can easily and comfortably take them wherever you need to go.

It’s also a great option for sick or old dogs that struggle to move. This makes it easier to take them to the vet or even just to help them get some fresh air and enjoy a walk, even if they are not able to actually walk themselves.

Longer Walks (Or Runs) With Your Smaller Dogs

If you are trying to stick to an exercise plan, a smaller dog might struggle to keep up. They will tire out before you do. So if you still want to take your dog with you when you go for walks or jogs, a stroller can make that possible.

You get to go the distance you want without tiring your dog out.

Easier Alternative To Pet Carriers

Pet carriers can be cumbersome to carry, and the larger your dog, the more difficult and impractical it becomes. A dog stroller can be a fantastic alternative to a pet carrier. So wherever you would normally go with a pet carrier, you can go more comfortably and conveniently with a dog stroller.

Tips For Finding The Best Dog Strollers

Small Dog In A Stroller

Now that you have a better idea of what a dog stroller can be used for, check out some tips for making sure you find the best one for your dog:

Get The Right Size For Your Dog

Most of what you’ll find are dog strollers for small dogs. But there are also dog strollers for medium and large dogs.

If you have multiple dogs you need to transport, you should consider shopping around for dog strollers for large dogs because these could also be large enough for two medium dogs or a few smaller dogs.

Strollers are most often designed to fit dogs weighing 45 pounds or less, but there are more and more options coming out for dogs weighing up to 115 pounds.

While some might be tempted to just get the larger one to be on the safe side, there’s no reason to push around a cumbersome stroller if your dog is tiny.

Get The Right Design For You And Your Dog

Whether you’re looking for double dog strollers for multiple dogs or you need something that is comfortable to go jogging with, you want to make sure the dog stroller you buy is designed for what you really need.

If you’re planning to use it for jogging, for example, you want to look for something with a more ergonomic handlebar and a wheel design suited to smooth rolling at a faster pace.

Some extra perks you might like include a water bottle carrier mounted to the handlebar or an easy-access pouch for light snacks to fuel longer runs.

If you’re using it in place of a dog carrier, you might want to look for something that also works as a car seat. If you’re planning to take it camping or on picnics, you might want to find one with plenty of storage space and separate compartments for packing food and other essentials.

Balance Quality With Price

The most important factors should be quality material and design. You want a sturdy, well-built frame and quality, weather-resistant materials.

If you live in a cooler climate, you might also want something with quality insulation material so that your dog stays warm during walks.

If the quality you need seems to be out of your price range, consider either increasing your price range or sacrificing non-essentials (like extra features or appearance). You can also try to make your own modifications.

For example, if you can’t afford a properly insulated stroller, consider adding plenty of blankets from home to keep your dog wrapped up and cozy.

Another thing to consider when trying to balance quality with price is the age of your dog.

That is, is your dog still a puppy who will be growing a lot over the next couple of years? If so, you may want to go ahead and save some money by buying a cheaper small stroller since your dog will outgrow it.

Alternatively, save money by planning ahead and buying a stroller that will be big enough for your dog when he is fully grown.

In this case, you’ll definitely be better off spending a little more for the better quality designs because you’ll, hopefully, be able to use them for many, many years to come.

Final Word

When you invest in quality, you can be sure you are getting a dog stroller that will perform all of its functions well and last you a long time.

In general, high-quality strollers end up saving you money in the long run because you get much more use out of them before you have to buy a replacement.

Once you get the right stroller, you’ll want to take some time to train your dog to use it. But the first step is to get out there and do your research to find the best dog stroller for your dog!


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