Will My German Shepherd Protect Me Without Training?

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My German Shepherd dog is a 6.5-pound friendly but shy and timid beauty. I’ve lived with her for two years now, and I can’t say she is completely trained yet, but she has a few tricks that are very cool.

She will go anywhere with me, even if I am on the street in the middle of the night or when I’m walking my baby daughter through the park at night.

Are German Shepherds Protective?

She has learned to stay close to me on walks and not let strangers just walk up to her without any warning, ending up getting frisked by people who are just curious about what kind of animals they have around them.

German shepherds have protective instincts even without any formal training. So to answer that question in the title, Yes, your German shepherd will protect you if they sense that you are in danger.

If you want your dog to be really safe with strangers, your dog needs to have proper training. Obedience training your dog from puppyhood until adulthood and start teaching it positive reinforcement commands along with some basic manners skills like staying away from people and other dogs that are not your family members (or in my case, my baby’s) friends.

What Is The Behavior Of A German Shepherd Dog Against An Attacker?

Will a German shepherd dog attack an intruder?

What is the behaviour of a German shepherd dog against an attacker? The answer is yes or no.

A German shepherd will do what its training tells it to do, but there might be some exceptions. If you are not trained with a German shepherd, then the dog will likely not attack or even bark at such things.

While the GSDs are famous for their fierce loyalty, sometimes they will not know what their territory is or who the actual intruder is. Again, if you train your dog to react properly to different social situations, she will be able to show that needed aggressive behaviour towards unwanted intruders.

There is also an option of protection training similar to K-9 training, but does your dog really need it? Probably no. 

How do you train your dog to bark at strangers or attackers on command?

Dogs are very complex, and in general, we don’t know what the right way to train them is.

If you want your dog to be able to protect you, you first need to understand the dynamics of how a dog will behave around a stranger or an attacker. Before we can decide whether to train your dog as a protector or a guard, we need to understand what exactly a guardian dog is.

A guardian dog is one that will stand between you and attackers.

A guardianship can come in two forms: The first one is the guardian dog that stands between you and strangers so that you don’t have to protect yourself from attack by people who don’t know you or who are unfamiliar with the unfamiliar situation.

The second form of guardianship comes from the guardians themselves, who are not just standing between an attacker and their target but also around it and will keep peace in their area as well as prevent conflicts with other dogs or people.

The next thing we need to do before deciding if your German shepherd can be trained as a guardian or guard for us is determine if your German shepherd has been properly trained for this purpose.

It’s important not just for our safety but also for yours since it’s very easy to accidentally run into an unknown stranger who suddenly appears at your doorstep (or even worse, someone walks on by while sitting down on the couch).

As the name suggests, German shepherds excel at shepherding, not guarding. They want to protect their flock; they want to be alphas, but they are not typical guardian dogs.

What are the best ways to keep your German shepherd safe?

This might be a bit of a controversial question, but in my opinion and without training, the German Shepherd (or any breed) will be your best bet to keep you and others safe.

The German Shepherd is a breed of dog that is used around the world by law enforcement agencies as well as private citizens.

It can be trained, although it requires more than just training. While some people think they can train their dog to not pee on your shoes or to be aggressive at all times, these are most likely false beliefs and are not based on real-life experiences.

In a potentially dangerous situation, the German shepherd will know how to keep safe; just look at this video. But he is your pet; you are his human family.

How do you prevent your German shepherd from biting?

If you are not familiar with your German shepherd, they could get aggressive if they feel threatened.

I personally think that every dog should be trained to attack when it wants to, but also to refrain from attacking if you don’t want it to.

As for how to prevent a German shepherd from biting,

I would say to refrain from walking your dog at night because if you let him out on his own during the night, he will have lots of opportunities to run into trouble and see things he shouldn’t see. I always use a leash on my dogs after 7 p.m.

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