Why Is Organic Foods For German Shepherds Important

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Eating an organic diet is well known as being healthy for humans, and the same can be said for German Shepherds. Feeding your German Shepherd organic foods is fantastic for their overall health and wellbeing.

German Shepherds that are fed with organic food have luscious and shiny coats; they thrive with plenty of energy; and they can even live a life that is not only healthier but longer too.

We love our dogs, and they depend on us to take care of them. That includes looking after their nutritional needs.

While it may be tempting to feed your German Shepherd one of the cheap dog foods that are on the market, they have been found to be stuffed with fillers that offer no nutritional value to your dog. Low-quality, non-organic dog food frequently contains harmful substances that can make dogs hyper, give them allergic reactions, cause stomach upsets, and more.

Providing a good diet for a German Shepherd isn’t just about filling their stomachs; it’s about making sure they are getting all the nutrition they require. Nutrition, which takes care of their skin and coat, looks after their eyesight, gives them balanced energy levels, and supports a healthy digestive system,

Why Feed Organic Dog Food?

Non-organic commercial dog food contains huge amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. All of which are toxic. These pesticides don’t just come from grains, which are used in food, but also from livestock, which provides the meat ingredients.

With organic food, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides are never included, ensuring that your German Shepherd’s diet is free from these harmful and toxic chemicals.

In addition to containing these nasty ingredients, non-organic commercial dog food also contains animal ingredients, which come from unhealthy, tainted livestock. Cattle, sheep, and chicken raised for non-organic dog food are given growth hormones and antibiotics to make them grow faster so that they can be slaughtered for their meat earlier.

These hormones and antibiotics are then passed on to your German Shepherd in their diet. Growth hormones have been found to cause aggression, changes in behavior, and difficulty walking for livestock. By indirectly feeding these growth hormones to your German Shepherd via a non-organic diet, you could well be risking their health both physically and mentally.

The Benefits Of Feeding Organic Dog Food

The benefits of feeding your German Shepherd good-quality, organic dog food are plentiful. A dog’s diet is crucial to their overall health and wellbeing, and you can see a remarkable difference in many issues that may be affecting your German Shepherd when you go organic with their diet.

Healthy Skin And Coat

A healthy German Shepherd has a thick and glossy coat, and this is one of the results dog owners will see when they switch their dog to an organic diet. Organic dog food contains ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals that support a healthy coat.

Equally important are the ingredients that organic dog foods don’t contain, such as artificial colours, fragrances and flavourings, chemical additives, fillers, and toxic pesticides. These harmful ingredients are known to cause skin allergies in many dogs, and as German Shepherds are prone to a number of skin ailments, they are better off avoiding such additions to their diet.

By switching to organic, you are avoiding these allergens, and your German Shepherd is more likely to have healthy skin, with a vast reduction in skin complaints.

Improved Digestion

Non-organic, commercial dog food is often so full of ingredients with little or no nutritional value and loaded with fillers and low-quality grains and proteins that it can be hard for your German Shepherd to properly digest. This leads to bloating, gas, and diarrhoea, all of which are uncomfortable for a dog.

Organic food doesn’t contain bulking agents. The natural ingredients present in organic dog foods are more easily digested, and dogs on organic diets tend to have firmer and less smelly stools.

In addition, organic dog foods are nutrient dense, and your dog will feed satiated with less food, making them less likely to overeat.

A Long, Happy Life

It has been suggested by canine nutritionists that feeding your dog poor-quality commercial dog food is the same as a human living on junk food. Imagine only eating fatty, salty foods for the rest of your life, and how your body would change. You would suffer from stomach upsets, fatigue, obesity, heart problems, and more.

Subjecting our German Shepherds to an unhealthy diet like this will vastly reduce their quality of life, not to mention the length of it. By feeding organic dog food, your dog is not only getting the best nutrition but is also more likely to keep a healthy weight, which helps with your dog’s longevity.

For any living thing to thrive and live a long life, it is vital to have a diet rich in nutrients and free from harmful ingredients. By providing your German Shepherd with a good diet, such as one that includes organic dog food, you are giving them the best life possible and one that lasts well into their senior years.

The Best Organic Food For Your German Shepherd

Trying to find the best organic food for your German Shepherd can feel daunting, but it needn’t be that way. Precise Holistic Complete Dog Food for Large and Giant Breeds is the perfect organic food for your German Shepherd Dog.

Containing only the best organic ingredients, Precise Holistic Dog Food is nutritionally dense and bursting with everything your German Shepherd needs in their diet. It is a balanced and complete food, so your canine companion won’t be missing any vital ingredients from their diet.

The inclusion of glucosamine and chondroitin ensures your German Shepherd’s joints are taken care of, so they can continue to run and play well into old age. Chicken, salmon, and lamb meals provide an excellent, high-quality source of protein, while ingredients such as peas, apples, cranberries, and blueberries provide your dog with life-affirming antioxidants and vitamins.

If your German Shepherd has a pound or two to lose, then you can rest easy knowing that Precise Holistic Dog Food has fewer calories, so your dog can keep trim while eating well.

Precise Holistic Dog Food for Large and Giant Breeds is the perfect organic dog food for your German Shepherd, bestowing them with energy, a glossy coat, excellent digestion, and a long and happy life.

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