White German Shepherd: A Complete Guide To A White-Coat Dog

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One of the first questions many people ask when they see a solid white German Shepherd is if it is an albino. No, they are not actually albino dogs.

Albino dogs usually have pink eyes, pale skin, and colorless hair due to their deficient pigmentation.

While some albino German Shepherds do exist, the white German Shepherds descend from a line of “white-coat” lines that originated in Europe and spread to the United States and Canada, then throughout the rest of the world.

Description of The White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd: A Complete Guide To A White-Coat Dog

The white German Shepherd is identical to the standard German Shepherd in every way, except color or course.

They are medium-sized and muscular, with a low-set tail and erect ears.

Adult males are about 24 to 26 inches, and females are 22 to 24 inches, both weighing between 77 and 85 pounds when they’re healthy adults.

The white coat is usually long, stiff to the touch, and, at times, can have a feathered appearance.

Temperament of The White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds are loyal to the core and will even risk their own lives to protect their human owner and family.

They have a well-balanced, cheerful, tranquil, and, at times, serious personality. They also exhibit confidence, courage, faithfulness, and obedience. White GSDs, like all other colors, exude self-confidence and are great guard and herding dogs, as well as excellent family pets.

White GSDs tend to have a well-poised demeanor, but if a situation arises that requires their protective services, they will react in an instant. When they are around strangers, they become observant of the situation and may seem shy.

Don’t underestimate them, though. They are getting a clear picture of the stranger and sensing their intentions. If the stranger or friend means no harm, they will usually drop their guard and begin to warm up.

These dogs are capable of adapting to a variety of social situations and events.

They also have a playful nature and are highly interested in expressing their fun-loving nature by playing with various toys, playing fetch, running, and other activities, as long as it is with their pet owner and family.

Exercise and Activities

white german shepherd exercising

If you already own a white German Shepherd or are planning on welcoming one into your family, you should be aware that he or she will require plenty of exercise.

Pet owners usually look forward to exercising their dogs by going for a daily walk, hiking, running, or jogging. GSDs are excellent workout partners and are capable of keeping up at any pace. Most owners even enjoy riding a bicycle and allowing their dogs to follow along.

White German Shepherds are also great at playing frisbee, fetch, and ball. Since German Shepherds are high-energy dogs, you will want to make sure that you’re helping them burn off their energy with daily exercise.

If you don’t address their high energy, it could lead to frustration and boredom, which will result in a restless dog.

When this happens, you’ll usually come home to damaged furniture, clothes, shoes, and sometimes even the trim and drywall in your house. The destruction will only come to an end when they’ve released all their pent-up energy.

Grooming a White German Shepherd

white german shepherd resting

When you own a white GSD, you will get used to seeing their white hair around your house, on your furniture, your clothes, and your floors.

Consistently shedding their fur is something German Shepherds are known for, and it tends to get worse as the weather warms up and they begin to release their thicker winter coat.

To avoid getting frustrated with the hair, daily brushing is required. You’ll also want to limit how often you give them a bath because excessive bathing will remove their skin’s natural oils, causing irritation, which makes them shed even more hair.

You will also want to invest in a good vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to pick up hair off of carpet and hard floor surfaces. If you want to stay on top of the hair, you may need to vacuum daily.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re regularly cleaning out your dog’s ears while keeping their nails trimmed, too.

If you’re going to groom your GSD yourself, you will want to start when they’re puppies so they can become accustomed to the process.

It’s going to be a regular part of their life, so developing the routine while they’re young will help you when you’re trying to clip an 80-pound dog’s nails.

Considerations for Owning a White GSD

white german shepherd outside

If you are just learning about white German Shepherds and are seriously thinking of welcoming one into your life, there are a few pros and cons you will want to become familiar with.

One of the biggest reasons to own a German Shepherd is their softer, mellower personality.

Having a strong, attractive dog that is athletic and protects you while having your own exercise partner as he or she runs, jogs, walks, or hikes alongside you are other reasons GSD owners talk about when you ask them why they love their dog so much.

On the other side, you may want to focus on the fact that this dog breed requires plenty of exercise.

This means that if you are an inactive person or have a sedentary family, your white German Shepherd will not exactly be happy being cooped up in the house while you’re watching movies all day.

If you don’t socialize with your dog, there is a high possibility that he or she will become aggressive towards other dogs.

If you or your family members suffer from allergies, the constant shedding and exposure to pet dander daily can worsen your allergy symptoms.

1. Herding Abilities

Their keen herding abilities will make any farmer or rancher delighted to work side by side with a white German Shepherd.

Their high intelligence enables them to be trained in herding a variety of different animals using techniques that come naturally to them.

In addition to herding the animals, they are also exceptional guard dogs and are capable of protecting a herd of animals (or you and your family) from predators or harm.

If you are looking to work your white German Shepherd as a herding dog, they will make a great working companion, and you will enjoy the exercise.

It is wise to make your dog part of your family first since they require emotional attachment to their owners and family to be well-balanced.

Train your dog to herd by using a whistle and hand signals that will allow them to obey your commands, such as when to start herding, change direction, stop, and return to your side. The more effort you put into training your GSD, the more you’ll be rewarded.

2. Health Issues

white german shepherd puppy

The most common health issue GSDs are known for is hip and elbow dysplasia. These illnesses are usually hereditary and can become apparent at any age. However, older dogs most often exhibit these symptoms.

Other issues may arise, such as allergies that are airborne, fleas, or food-related allergies. Some lines of white German Shepherds are known to develop malabsorption syndrome along with a variety of eye diseases.

German Shepherds have also been known to develop Lupus and Congenital Spine Disease; however, the cases of these two diseases are fairly rare.

If you believe your dog may have developed allergies or a more serious type of illness or disease, a visit to your vet is required to keep them healthy.

The veterinarian will conduct a physical exam, along with blood tests and X-rays, to make a proper diagnosis.

They will also provide you with a variety of ways to help your dog improve his or her health and map out a plan to help them live a high-quality lifestyle while living in harmony with their diagnosis.

3. Living Conditions

White German Shepherds can happily live indoors or outdoors, as long as they receive daily exercise and human interaction.

German Shepherds love having an area they can consider all their own, whether you choose to have them live inside with you or outside of the house.

Provide a doghouse in a safe, shaded area in the backyard that is large enough for an adult white German Shepherd to stand up and turn around in. Owners should provide plenty of fresh water at all times to prevent dehydration.

Toys should also be provided to keep your dog’s mind occupied and captivated. You will need to spend time with your dog daily to fulfill all of his or her emotional needs.

They need to have attention and praise from their owners every day. If you choose to keep your dog outdoors, you’ll need to make regular visits to keep them from getting lonely, developing depression and anxiety, or, worse, becoming aggressive.


Keep in mind that since your dog is an outdoor dog, that doesn’t mean they are getting exercise, so you will still have to play fetch, and frisbee, take him or her for a walk, go jogging, running, or hiking, or even train them to do agility courses to keep them fit and healthy.

As you can see, a white German Shepherd is physically identical to the standard German Shepherd, except for the coat.

The main difference is the personality and the fact that white German Shepherds have a calmer demeanor.


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