How Cold Is Too Cold For Your German Shepherd

Last Updated: 6 months ago

There was an article about how the temperature in the northern cities of the US—Anchorage, Seattle, and Washington—was north of -5 degrees Celsius.

Some people think that it’s too cold for German Shepherds to be out. The article talks about the coats they wear and why they should be fine in these temperatures.

German Shepherds are working dogs that require a moderate climate with little to no extreme temperatures. This climate is best for these dogs, as they need to maintain an active lifestyle, and the hot or cold weather would inhibit that.

Bad weather can be tough on any dog. But German Shepherds are more than just any dog. They are strong and sturdy, with a thick double coat to keep them warm in cold weather. So how cold is too cold for German Shepherds?

The answer is that there is no set temperature that is too low for German Shepherds, but they can’t handle harsh winter conditions as their ancestors did. What’s more, the older the dog, the more susceptible they will be to cold weather.

The recommended temperature range for German Shepherds is 20–30 °F (-6°C to 5°C).

If it gets colder than this, you should take your dog indoors with you to keep it safe and warm.

Keeping Your German Shepherd Warm and Comfortable

If your German shepherd is kept outside, then the logical solution will be to keep your dog in a dedicated dog house.

There are many dog houses available for GSDs, but one of the best options is the insulated dog house.

This dog house is made of durable materials and has a shingle roof. It should be insulated and have a waterproof floor. You can even make a makeshift entrance to the house to keep your dog safe from strong winds.

Does the German Shepherd need to wear a vest?

No, the German Shepherd does not need to wear a vest. Even in the coldest temperatures, a German shepherd’s double coat should keep him warm.

What should you do if your dog gets wet and cold?

Provide a dry, warm, sheltered location. Allow the dog to drink small amounts of water. Offer a small amount of food.

How much exercise should a German shepherd get in cold weather?

A German shepherd should get the same amount of exercise as any other breed of dog, despite the weather.

How do dogs react to being cold?

Similar to people, you will see your dog shivering a lot and trying to find the warmest place in your surroundings.

If it is cold and wet, you should always bring your dog indoors to get dry, and then you can let him go outdoors to his dog’s house.

One more thing: you should always prevent your dog from taking a swim in a nearby lake or river if it is below freezing temperatures or if you don’t keep him indoors.

Always remember that there are numerous cases every year of dogs found frozen, even in milder winters, so always keep an eye on your dog during the winters.

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