DDR German Shepherd: What You Need to Know About

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The popularity of DDR German Shepherds, also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik German Shepherds, has been growing for many years now.

During both World Wars, the military sought after German Shepherds to work side by side with them, benefiting from their loyalty, intelligence, and working ability.

Germany operated as a single nation prior to the start of the Cold War, but when the Soviet Union closed the borders, East Germany and West Germany were born. East Germany is also known as the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

The East German Communist Party took control of the breeding and registration of the German Shepherd pedigree and made the German Shepherd part of its military.

DDR German Shepherd Breed and Training

training ddr german shepherd

Breeders specifically bred them to have strong, large heads and to possess incredible athleticism and power.

If any German Shepherds exhibited signs of a weak temperament, hip dysplasia, or any other disease, breeders excluded them from the breeding program.

The DDR dogs outperformed the West German Shepherd dogs by scaling straight six-foot walls, enduring long patrols in harsh weather conditions, and much more.

The DDR’s worked as border police and guarded the East German border, which is 850 miles long, in addition to the Berlin Wall. Their main duty was to track deserters and attack. In 1989, the German borders opened, and the use of DDR dogs was no longer necessary.

Just months after opening the border, authorities dismissed about 50,000 guards and either abandoned, put down, or sold the DDR dogs to others who would use them for similar purposes.

The DDR Dogs Today

DDR German Shepherd: What You Need to Know About

Many breeders worldwide are dedicated to preserving this breed.

They are well known today for their devotion to their owners and family, balanced temperament, impressive tracking abilities, natural drive, physical structure, and intelligence.

Today, the DDR lineage lives on, and they are now great family dogs as well as guard dogs and tracking dogs.


Are DDR German Shepherds Good with Children?

Yes. If they are socialized from a young age to be around children, they are great.

Since the DDR dogs have a balanced temperament and are extremely loyal to their families, they will protect your child as well as be a fun playmate. After a while, you will almost feel like your DDR German Shepherd is a babysitter for your children.

Are DDR German Shepherds Still Working Dogs?

They continue to work with police and military forces throughout the world.

Their intelligence allows them to continue to be the first choice as working dogs, and they continue to impress with their tracking skills. They are incredible search and rescue dogs and extremely helpful with missing person cases.

Will a DDR German Shepherd protect a family?

DDR dogs are very loyal to their owners and families. They consider themselves to be part of your pack, and they will use their natural protective instincts to guard your family, your home, and your yard from harm.

Although you should always take precautions of your own to keep your home and family safe, your DDR German Shepherd will happily stand up and guard.

Do DDR German Shepherds have hip dysplasia?

DDR German Shepherds rarely have hip dysplasia due to careful weeding during breeding practices in East Germany. The standard GSD still has hip dysplasia, which is passed down from generation to generation.

On a rare occasion, it is possible that a DDR German Shepherd may develop hip dysplasia. However, under veterinarian care, there are a variety of helpful solutions to make your dog more comfortable when living with hip dysplasia.

In Summary

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The interesting history of the DDR German Shepherds and their unique working abilities make them a popular choice for many dog owners worldwide.

Whether you live on a farm and are looking for a guard dog or live in a home with children, the DDR German Shepherd will happily become a beneficial and loving part of your family.

When choosing to welcome a DDR German Shepherd into your home, make sure you choose to deal with a reputable breeder that truly cares for the breed and has good breeding practices.


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