Cockapoo Dog Breed: A Hybrid of Charm And Intelligence

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Owning a pet dog is a dream for many individuals.

But if you are not very aware of dogs and their nature, then it might be a little confusing to you at first. This is mainly because of the large variety of choices available.

A cockapoo dog can serve as a great choice of pet for novice owners.

Scroll through to learn all the details about a cockapoo before opting for one.

About The Cockapoo

About The Cockapoo

Explore the delightful world of the Cockapoo dog breed! In this informative article, we delve into the fascinating history, characteristics, and personality of these charming canine companions.

Whether you’re considering adding a Cockapoo to your family or simply curious about this lovable breed, we’ve got you covered with all the insights you need.


Cockapoo dogs are so named since they were born after cross-breeding a cocker spaniel with a poodle. In their early days, they are as adorable as a teddy bear and can make anyone smile with their cuteness.

These miniature poodles have a height between 15 and 16 inches and a body weight of about 12 and 19 lbs. However, their weight increases and ranges between 20 and 65 lbs with age. The breed size of these toy poodles is less than 25 lbs.

Various coat colors are available for Cockapoo dogs, such as beige, black and white, cream, tan, sable, brown, and much more. They have short to moderately wavy hair, which needs moderate to high grooming. It is important to keep their coats matte-free.

Cockapoo dogs have a life span ranging from 12 to 16 years. You will instantly fall in love with their beautiful, illuminating eyes on their furry face.


A cockapoo dog shows the following characteristics:

  1. Cockapoos can be easily trained.
  2. They are extremely intelligent and friendly.
  3. Cockapoos have good humour, like poodles.
  4. They can easily tolerate weather changes.
  5. These toy puddles are highly sensitive and perfectly suitable for first-time owners.
  6. They can easily adapt to living in an apartment and love being alone.
  7. These toy puddles are kid-friendly as well as dog-friendly.
  8. They are very affectionate with their family members.
  9. Cockapoos are extremely friendly towards strangers.
  10. There is a strong potential for these dogs to gain weight easily.
  11. They have very low drooling potential.
  12. There is a moderate drive within them to catch prey.
  13. They have a lower tendency to bark or howl.
  14. Cockapoos are extremely playful.
  15. They are highly energetic dogs with a strong potential for wanderlust.


  1. Cockapoos do not shed much hair. Hence, they are a popular option among individuals having allergies to the same.
  2. These are high-maintenance dogs. Hence, you would need a substantial amount of money to maintain it.
  3. A cockapoo, at a single time, can give birth to 4 to 6 puppies.
  4. The temperament of a cockapoo is extremely unpredictable, and you will never be sure how they are feeling.
  5. These are one of the longest-existing hybrid dogs to date.
  6. In 2004, several people together established the American Cockapoo Club.
  7. Cockapoo dogs account for a great lapdog and are perfectly suitable for a great companion.
  8. They first came into existence in 1960 in the United States.
  9. Cockapoo dogs are also, at times, referred to as cockerpoo or cook-a-poo.
  10. They are extremely loyal and calm, and they can easily socialise if they get such an environment from an early age.

How Do You Take Care Of A Cockapoo Dog?

How Do You Take Care Of A Cockapoo Dog?

You need to take the following steps while taking care of a cockapoo: These are as follows:

  1. You need to take them on long walks and exercise periodically to maintain their playfulness.
  2. You can also encourage them to attend swimming and sports activities. These would encourage them to interact with other dogs as well.
  3. While taking them for walk sessions, unleash them. This would help them explore new places and stimulate their walks.
  4. Wash their faces and wipe their eyes daily. This would reduce the chances of getting tear stains due to forming.
  5. Take your toy puddle to a groomer every four to six weeks. Regular grooming prevents matting and skin infections.
  6. Brush their teeth at least three times a week.
  7. Clean their ears regularly to avoid infections.
  8. Avoid feeding them corn, soy, and wheat, as they are allergic to them.
  9. Include a lot of high-protein foods in their diet.
  10. Approach a vet immediately as soon as you start noticing any health issues with your puddle.

A cockapoo dog is highly sensitive. Hence, it becomes extremely important to reinforce positive behaviour in them using the right kind of training. They also need stringent mental stimulation. So, you can expose them to crate training to help achieve the said goals.

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